Re: Don’t reappoint Lai Mohammad as Minister


Our attention had been drawn to the press release issued on the 22nd
May 2019 by some elders claiming to be speaking for Kwara South APC
elders. This should be disregarded in its entirety and whatever it
stands for.

We are bold to say that the signatories of the said release, Chief
J.B. Ayeni and one Jide Usman, are not speaking for Kwara South let
alone their local government areas.

At the moment, the party hierarchy in the 7 local government areas of
the senatorial district have not constituted any elders forum or
committee to speak for it. And as we all know, there’s
legally-constituted party structure at all levels. These are the only
legally-authorised body to speak on behalf of the Kwara South APC on
all matters relating to the members of the party in the senatorial

The illegal body, as represented by Ayeni and Usman, that is
castigating the Hon. Minister, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, as regards the
last general elections forgot to intimate the general public with the
extraordinary effort they put in to the party victory in their domain
that makes them to be more important than the Honourable Minister.

We wish to state unequivocally that Alhaji Lai Mohammed as Minister
provided all the necessary apparatus required of a leader in making
the APC to record a resounding victory in the last general elections.

We know the antecedent of all individuals involved in this act as this
is the only way they know in getting patronage, especially during the
period of appointments.

They are doing all this to get appointment in the state. We even have
it on good authority that the septuagenarian, Chief J.B. Ayeni, is
lobbying AA and his family members for the position of SSG for

Is it a hatchet job? Or is it the hand of Esau and the voice of Jacob?
Ayeni has no good political record in the state other than having
been a member of the Saraki dynasty for 40 years. He should then be
regarded as one of those who compromised the growth of the district
and the development of the state in general. The same Chief Ayeni was
against the creation of Ekiti LGA from the old Irepodun LGA, and when
the local government was created, he was struggling to be in control
of the council. He was still one of those who endorsed a petition
against the self determination project of Kwara South people during
our agitation at the 2005 National Political Confab.

Jide Usman, on the other hand, is an AGIP (Any Government In Power)).
He is a minus in his Agunjin ward for APC. Even in his home, he is
nobody than a baby sitter and whose only responsibility is domestic
duty in the house. Let he who cares go there to find out.

It is always very painful when where you supposed to meet wisdom you
now meet foolishness. When it’s always said that “Agba ki wa loja,
kori omo tuntun o wo”. The elders that supposed to be defending and
preserving their district are now the ones that have chosen to wash
their dirty linen to the world. Haba! How is this world changing?

We the seven local Government party chairmen that constitute Kwara
South Senatorial District implore the general public to disregard
their press statement and advise the party at the State to take
appropriate action against these men so as to serve as deterrent to

In addition, we urge all well-meaning Kwara Southerners to see Chief
J.B. Ayeni and his cohorts as enemies of the district and should be
treated as such.

May Allah guide AA in the midst of the hawks surrounding him.

Thank you all.
Hon mohammed Shilo Awobimpe: Chairman Ifelodun LG.
Hon Aransiola Oyeyemi Samson: Chairman Irepodun LG.
Hon Bamidele Ogunbayo: Chairman Isin LG.
Engr Muhideen Shittu : Chairman Oke Ero LG.
Hon Olawale Awelewa: Chairman Ekiti LG.
Hon Taiye Olaniyi : Chairman Oyun LG.
Hon Yusuf Abdulganiyu Kehinde. Chairman Offa LG


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