At 73, Prince Charles becomes oldest royal to ever take throne


Prince Charles is king at last.

The British heir apparent, who is 73, ascended to the throne following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

The queen, who lived to be 96, reigned for an astounding 70 years. 
Prince William, 40, and Prince George, 9, are now first and second in line to the throne.

Charles does not need a coronation ceremony in order to officially become king, as he gained the title immediately after his mother’s death.

As sovereign, Charles has also assumed his mother’s titles as defender of the faith and supreme governor of the Church of England.

He is also now the head of the Commonwealth, a title that is not hereditary, but decided upon by Commonwealth leaders.
Queen Elizabeth previously made it clear that it was her “sincere wish” for Charles to take over the title. The motion was formally approved by leaders in April 2018 after the late monarch’s endorsement.


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