Nigerian born socialite, Abraham Adegeye, dazzles Brazilian Star, Neymar


Abraham Adegeye is no doubt a   social media personality of repute. The handsome dude profile has been on the rise so tremendously that a lot of up-coming fashionista and models are now looking up to him as their role model. And Abraham, who discovered his passion for fashion at a young age, whilst still in school, is ready for the paparazzi that always accompanied such an accolade.
Now, he has dazzled Brazilian soccer star, Neymar.
Not a man of little dream, he has combined his love for fashion with his love for photography, uploading photos of his outfits online. After some time, his standard reached a professional level and he was able to move into a modeling career.
This is a modeling career that has already seen him work with Timberland, Umbro, G-star, Coca- Cola, Sprite, Diesel and H&M. Abraham has produced campaigns with About You, Fossil, Vans, Converse, Pacsun, Calvin Klein and Gant.
He has also been a part of a campaign on behalf of the soft drinks company Sprite, which tackled the topics of cyberbullying and diversity.
This campaign featured on TV, receiving plenty of media coverage and also formed an app which appeared during thousands of YouTube videos. 
But Abraham says he does want to do a lot more modelling campaigns, and he will always continue uploading photos and videos for his online followers.
‘I will still continue to influence people with my fashion and my main goal is to inspire that will not disrupt me from uploading photos and videos for my followers”
Abraham is a fashion influencer with the main goal to inspire. He enjoys letting people into his life with each post. Another point of his interest is to work with more higher-end fashion names and he is open to more TV appearances such as commercials. Magazine appearances are also something he likes the idea  doing more of. Though he also believed his fashion career could be a part of a successful business idea, however, he says that it is something for the future, for now, he wants to continue to focus on what he’s currently doing, whilst somehow finding time to study marketing, something that he sees more like a Plan B move.
Despite the competition in Abraham’s niche,  he has a lot going for him that will help him stand out. He prides himself on being up to date with his content but staying his unique self and not trying to copy others.


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