Lagos PDP elders warn ‘external forces’


The Leaders, the Elders, the local government chairmen and all ranking members of the People’s Democratic Party in Lagos State met today, June 6th , 2019 to deliberate on the issues affecting the fortunes of the party.

After exhaustive and thorough appraisal of all the fundamental issues, the party resolved as follows:

That the bane of the party in Lagos State is the rampant disregard and disrespect for the party’s constitution.

That this trampling upon the normative rules and regulations encourage indiscipline and outright lawlessness.

That, henceforth, the flouting of the laid down norms and constitutional purity will no longer be tolerated and will be swiftly sanctioned according to the party’s constitution.

The leaders resolved that external forces deliberately orchestrate, sponsor, promote and abet crisis in Lagos State.

The leaders, therefore, insist that any external intervention in the affairs of the state will no longer be tolerated and will be frowned upon with democratic vigor.

The leaders resolved that the party must always have a rallying symbol, a person of signification and worth who commands respect and honor.

In conclusion, the leaders agreed that there should be a deliberate nurturing of young men and women of talent and vision who should be mentored to take over the management of the party.

So resolved this day, June 6th 2019.

Signed on behalf of the leaders:

Chief Olabode George
Dr Remi Akitoye
Chief Ogunkelu
Chief Kofo Bucknor Akerele
Prince Uthman Shodipe-Dosunmu


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