Kwara APC accuses AbdulRazak of sponsoring attack against Lai Mohammed, urges Buhari, Oshiomhole to call governor to order


Dear Sir,
Your Excellency sir,
We are the Kwara State APC Integrity Vanguard (KAIV), a group formed to advocate for the tenets of
integrity, good governance, justice and fairness which are all embedded in APC mantra not only in Kwara State but Nigeria as a whole.
As a foundational group in the Otoge struggle which partnered with the party to liberate our dear state from years of Saraki’s misdeeds , we feel it is inappropriate to continue watching the ship of our party about to capsize within few months of our landmark success.
We are, therefore, constrained to
bring to your notice the disgusting development in Kwara State APC and the indecorous attitude of Governor Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq who instead of providing bold exemplary leadership to all citizens of our state is busy using the machinery of our state to create an empire for the sole benefit
of the Abdulrazaqs family and at the expense of all patriots who laboured for his unmerited electoral success.
Your Excellency, Governor Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq has taken his political immaturity, administrative indecency and war against the party structure to another scaring height. It has now
gotten to a point whereby the Governor and his loyalists are now sponsoring local musicians to attack the person of the Honorable Minister for Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party Chairman, Honorable Bashir Omolaja Bolarinwa and other top stalwarts in the party for no reason.

The state is now awash with audio clip where one Oba Akewi, a supposed cousin to the Deputy
Speaker, Kwara State House of Assembly, Honorable Rapheal Adetiba, produced an audio mix where he unduly attacked the personality of the Honorable minister causing serious embarrassment to his
reputation and bringing him to public ridicule.
There is a clear indication that this hatchet job was sponsored by the Deputy Speaker in his bid to
prove his loyalty to the Governor and his AA support group , a parallel structure being run by Governor
to cripple the party in the state
Your Excellency , Governor Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq’s distasteful arrogance, highhandedness, greed
and utter disrespect against the party structure which brought him to the fore are beginning to pose
serous threats to the collective survival of our great party in the state if not immediately checked .
The dangerous dimension his actions has taken calls for the immediate attention and intervention of
all lovers of democracy and most especially the national leadership of the APC so that this ungrateful
Governor can be called to order before he succeeds in crashing the house which took all progressives
painstaking efforts to build.
The Governor’s many sins include, but not limited to the following:
1.Several Attempts to usurp party structures.
It is no more a secret that the Kwara APC structures at all levels have become the target of Governor
Abdulrahaman’s several attacks. Since his inauguration about 11 months ago, all his efforts have been
to usurp, paralyse and cripple the party for refusing to submit to his crude dictations and
machinations. This is evident through his many antics such as:
a. Deliberate attempts to demolish the original party structures which put him in office
b. Appointment of opposition party members into his cabinet and other political offices at the
detriment of party members.
As we speak , the recently appointed Chairman of Governing Board of Kwara State Univerisity and
some of his commissioners are known PDP members who worked assiduously against the APC and O’toge struggle in the last general elections.
c. Efforts in sponsoring few bread and butter politicians planted within the state excos to impeach Honorable Bashir Omolaja Bolarinwa (BOB) from office without any justification. The repeated
attempts have been repelled by loyal members of the state exco and other well meaning members of the party.
d. Destruction of all channels of communications between the party and the government and running
his administration without carrying the party along .
e. Non consultation with party leadership or other party stakeholders before taking decisions which
borders on appointments and other important decisions on governance
2. The creation and funding of AA Group as an alternative structure to subdue the party.
The signs that Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq is set to destroy the party are glaring to all political followers
in Kwara as he keeps on pursuing his disdain against the platform that made him the governor.
When it appeared to the Governor that he could not achieve his sinister objectives of usurping the
party owing to performance, forthrightness and productiveness of Honorable Bashir Omolaja
Bolarinwa as the State Chairman of the party, the Governor has resorted to the formation of a parallel
structure…… “AA Group” at the state, local government and ward levels.
The Governor through his aides has been recruiting people from opposition parties in the state
together with few APC members who are loyal to him.
3. Funding of the “AA Group” with taxpayers money meant to serve all Kwarans.
The Governor in a bid to run the affairs of the party like a dictator has been usurping the functions of
the various organs of the party in the state, notably the executive of the party at the various levels
even though this has been repelled by Bolarinwa led state excos , the Governor is now lavishing the
state resources to nurture his group and ensure they upstage and subdue the party at all levels…..this
is also being implemented with some form of brigande. God forbids, if this happens, it may have an
untoward effect on the fortunes of our party going forward.
This is not an issue any right thinking party member should fold his arms about.
In recent times, the Governor has been deploying his Special Assistant on Strategy , one Abdullateef
Alakawa to work together with the Speaker, Kwara House of Assembly, Honorable Danladi , House
Majority Leader , Hon. Mogaji Olawoyin who all have loyalty to the AA group to share funds budgeted
as palliatives to cushion the effect of covid-19 pandemic only to members and officials of AA groups
in all the wards with a clear instruction not capture the authentic party structures in the disbursement.
In contravention of the COVID guidelines of social distancing, the Special Assistant, at the instance of
his master has been traversing all the local government areas mobilising members into AA group. He
has been boldly telling them that no benefit will accrue to any APC member in the state unless they
are enlisted as members of the AA group.
In some instances, the palliative is used as a bait to attract members into the group.
4. Recognition of AA Group in Political Patronage.
Rather than consulting with party to garner the wishes of the majority in making political
appointments , the Governor has always single-handedly imposed his will on the party, the Governor
also has special preference for non-members of the party especially those who jumpsuit to his AA
group for key positions in his government including non kwarans.
The effect of the above could be seen practically in the last Patigi Constituency state house of assembly
bye- election where the PDP polled higher votes than in the last 2019 election figures, while our party
despite the huge financial resources deployed to Patigi recorded a corresponding lower number of
votes. Even though we still won the election, it was clear that our popularity at the poll had waned
All this is happening to us because we have a Governor who relates with no one, he does not consult,
he runs the state like his private enterprise. He employs a lot of WhatsApp and Facebook attackers to
malign the image of every responsible party leader who does not join him in bringing the party down.
5. Please Save Our Party from Imminent Collapse
It is important to submit that as a group , we do not have any personal issues with the Governor
neither do we yearn to benefit anything from his government but our sole aims is to ensure he does
not destroy the very platform which made him governor.
This unnecessary creation of divisions among party excos and leaders has reduced the party to several
We recommend strongly that this development which has opened the party to mockery among the
good people of kwara state who now see our government as a confused one must stop forthwith .
We call on the National Chairman of our great party, APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, to urgently call
Governor Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq to order and compel him to halt his divisive tendencies capable
of destabilising our party and injuring our electoral fortunes.
The Governor is already turning the APC house upside down and the earlier he is called to order the
better for the survival of APC in kwara.
Many thanks to your Excellency and accept our best wishes.

Alhaji Abdullahi Yinka Onimasa.
National Coordinator
Comrade Kayode Aliyu Bamidele.
Secretary General
For :
Kwara APC Integrity Vanguard (KAIV)

President Muhammadu Buhari,
Senator Ahmed Lawan, Senate President;
Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila , Speaker, House of Representatives;
Mr Boss Mustapha, Secretary to the Government of Federation.


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