Instagram comic Brodashaggi cracks ribs in Glo TVC


Instagram comic, Samuel Perry, more popularly known as Brodashaggi, is currently enjoying airplay across Nigeria as he stars in a new television commercial by Nigeria’s digital transformation leader, Globacom.

The drama-themed new TVC also features Nollywood greats, Patience Ozokwor better known as Mama G and Sola Sobowale.

The plot is about Sola Sobowale’s former driver, Wasiu (Brodashaggi), who wishes to talk to his girlfriend, Liz also called Smallie. In order to avoid the girlfriend’s mother, Sola Sobowale, Wasiu video-calls Smallie’s friend, Uche, who happens to be the daughter of Mama G, whose shop is opposite Sola Sobowale’s shop.

Wasiu tells Uche to take the phone to Smallie, but Sola Sobowale who smells a rat, hijacks the phone from Uche and finds out that the person wishing to speak with Liz, her daughter is Wasiu, his former driver.

The sudden appearance of Sola Sobowale on the phone screen jolts Wasiu and he spits out some of the champaigne he is sipping. He quickly recovers himself and makes effort to establish that his status has changed since he was her driver. He is now a car dealer.

“Mummy, mummy! With Glo 4G, I can now upload my cars online, sell and make plenty, plenty profit. That’s what they call me now, the new mega online car dealer!”.

Sola Sobowale cuts to the chase and inquires why he is calling, and Brodashaggi stammers: “Your daughter; I want to marry her!”.

The news throws off Sobowale who wonders if Wasiu is in his right senses. The father of the girl, played by Wale Akorede, popularly known as Okunnu in Yoruba films, also asks if the boy is not hallucinating. Sobowale brings out a whip and proceeds to flog Wasiu in absentia through the video. It is a heart-warming clip.
The commercial illustrates the functionality of Glo 4G, using the tool of comedy.


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