History as DELSUTH performs first kidney transplant



THE Delta State University Teaching Hospital (DELSUTH), Oghara, has recorded what is still considered a rare feat in the medical field in Nigeria with a successful kidney transplant.

Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan, a medical doctor, who was among the medical team in the theatre during the operation, had last year assured Deltans shortly after a pace maker implantation that there will be kidney transplant in the hospital this year.



Speaking to journalists in Oghara Monday, Uduaghan expressed satisfaction that the transplant was a success, stating that it was another medical breakthrough for the hospital.

“This is a happy day for me as we are able to provide this service,” the governor said, adding: “I know we were well prepared for this surgery and we also have a good post-surgery team.

The hospital is overflowing with patients, so we are planning to expand bed facilities by putting up a 300-bed ward for this hospital,” adding that DELSUTH has gone into a five-year partnership with UT South-Western Medical Centre, Dallas, the United States (U.S.).

“We have a five-year training agreement with them to build infrastructure and human capacity,” Uduaghan said about the medical team, stating: “What they will be charging here will be far lower than what obtains anywhere else in the world.. About two years ago, we started subsidising dialysis in this hospital and brought it down from N22,000 to N5,000. The subsidy is mainly for Deltans.”

The Chief Medical Director of DELSUTH, Dr. Leslie Akporiaye, said the kidney transplant was a new innovation in the hospital, disclosing that the operation lasts just a few hours.

“A lot of preparation has been on with the provision of necessary facilities, training and observation in Dallas and here in Oghara by staff of DELSUTH.’

He added that this was the beginning of more of such surgeries that will take place in the hospital.

It would be recalled that the hospital had earlier carried out hip-bone and knee cap replacement surgeries.

A second kidney transplant would be performed at the hospital on Tuesday.





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