Hajia Buhari: My husband coming back to sanitise the system


Almost 30 years after Major-General Muhammadu Buhari left office as Head of State, his wife, Hajia Aishat Buhari, on Thursday, told those campaigning against the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) not to panic because he is only returning as the Commander-in-Chief “to sanitise the Nigerian system”.
Dame Patience Jonathan, wife of the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), President Goodluck Jonathan, has been vociferous lately, telling Nigerians that if Buhari is elected on March 28, he would jail many politicians.
Hajia Buhari spoke in Benin, the Edo State capital, at a mega rally organised by the APC.
She declared that her husband “is not a religious fundamentalist and it is only people who want to loot the treasury who are introducing religion and fundamentalism into the polity”.
“Each zone of the country has its peculiar problems. For me in this zone, girl-child trafficking should be considered one of our problems, though I know there is unemployment. Unemployment is the major factor that contributes to brain drain and also the girl-child trafficking. General Muhammadu Buhari is a leader who led Nigeria some decades ago and he is coming back now to sanitise the system.
“For those that are campaigning, saying that he is coming to jail Nigerians, I don’t know what their fear is. But they shouldn’t be afraid, because we are all yearning for change. The insecurity in the country, the very poor healthcare system, lack of education and other basic necessities that people are lacking, I believe Nigerians need somebody like General Muhammadu Buhari now.
“Already, they have painted him black, using religion. I’m happy today that Nigerians realise that they use religion as a cover to loot Nigeria. Any politician who talks to you about religion is a liar, he only wants to loot the treasury and the little resources you ought to enjoy. So, say no politics merging it with religion to deceive the people.
“I’m here today to let Edo women know that when my husband is elected into office as President, all these will be history. The insecurity, the girl-child trafficking, suffering of the widows in the South-East will come to an end. There must be a cultural design that can accommodate widows. A design that would make the girl-child comfortable wherever she is in this country. She doesn’t have to leave her country to go and prostitute elsewhere, it’s not her portion. Her portion is to have a highly standard and moral society for her to live in. Get married, have children, train them and also mould them to become the future leaders.
“We are here today to also let you know that the collection of your PVCs is important and don’t ever sell it. It’s like selling your future. If you sell it for N5,000, you won’t see N5,000 again until after four years which will be bad. Get your PVC, vote for APC, vote for freedom, vote for a new Nigeria with good security, good education, good healthcare, good roads and all the basic necessities,” she said.
Governor Adams Oshiomhole urged the women to vote for the APC since the PDP has failed in 16 years to deliver on electricity and other basic infrastructure.
“In sixteen years, PDP did not provide light, we provide the transformers to the communities but the PDP Federal Government cannot power the lights. They collect fixed charges from the people when there is no fixed light.
“They say there is power reforms. However, instead of reform, they deform. They advertised to employ people into the Nigeria Immigration Service and use private company to charge the applicant N1,000 each. The private company collected over N800 million from poor youths and took them to the stadium to conduct an interview, at the end, people died. Instead of the Minister in charge to be reprimanded, he was given national honours.
“You need to understand the issues. Our call for Change and for people to vote for the APC and vote out the PDP is because the PDP has completely failed and deceived the people for 16 years. So, they must go home.
“The people must vote for APC to return Nigeria from darkness to light, from unemployment to employment and from insecurity to security.”


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