Girls Beware, Yahoo Guys are Desperate, by Michael West


Warn your girls! Wicked and desperate guys on the prowl for money rituals are on the increase. Warn your girls!

How we got to this level of moral and spiritual decadence in which teenagers are now desperate to become overnight multimillionaires without any legitimate source of income is bewildering. I can’t understand why some parents rather than scold, expose and whip their children to the path of sanity, decency and morality have chosen to either look the other way or even facilitate the evil process for their ill-groomed children.

I got piqued when I read in the media about mothers who were arrested for providing spiritual fortification for their sons who were into criminal activities of kidnapping and cyber crime. I have read about the spiritualists who work for such criminals, too. In the 1960s/70s, such metaphysical empowerment was being provided for highway robbers. That was when the likes of Oyenusi held sway. 1980s, it was extended to armed robbers and conmen. It was further extended to drug couriers and barons in 1990s. In the millennium, cyberspace criminals took it higher by using it to hypnotise their victims online. But in recent years, precisely since 2010 till date, the scale of money rituals by desperate Yahoo scammers otherwise known as “Yahoo plus” has become scary and crudely heartless.

Recent happenings as seen on the social media call for a serious concern. Those boys don’t give a damn! All they want is money. It is in this generation that people want to be rich without working for it. Whichever way they get the money does not matter to them.

There are obvious factors that encourage the inordinate and diabolical means to sudden wealth. I see parental failure or compromise, trendy social life as exemplified by the lyrical contents of hit songs of the moment especially the hip-pop stars, and perverted peer influence.

The Holy Bible says if foundation is corrupted, what can the righteous do? Parenting is the foundation of every child. Train up a child the way to go, when he’s grown up he won’t veer off the track. What a child grows up to become in the society is a function of parental grooming. No successful person suddenly emerges without a great deal of work from home by the parents. The reality of life, in some cases, has shown that it is not every bad person that lacks good parental grooming from home. There are cases where some children become wayward on their own. This is where the company and association children keep become important. Besides parents, friends and acquaintances also have strong influence on children. This starts from their neighbourhood, school, vocational and playmates. Schools do offer more than academic studies. They are institutions of learning: moral, culture and academics. Patriotism is learned in the classroom before it is exercised or practiced in public. Guiding principles of hard work, decency, civic duties, religious and cultural ethos are major benefits of learning in schools back in the days. Students caught stealing or found in any unlawful acts would be disciplined in the school assembly to serve as deterrent to others just as those who make the school proud would be applauded and celebrated in the full glare of the school community.

But the current generation of students are beating up their teachers, actively involved in cultism, political thuggery, hired assassination, rape, bully, hard drug peddling and consumption et al. Joblessness further makes crimes attractive to the youths.

The glamour associated with the lifestyle of the affluent and celebrities is fascinating to them. The songs ruling the airwaves by some star crooners who sing on nothing than “kin sati lowo” – that is, ‘making money at all cost and by whatever means’ are not helpful at all. The songs of yesteryears centred on dignity of labour, values, godly and moral counsel. They sang love songs better than the transient blabbing of today’s lyrics that lack depth and message. The video clips of the songs do parade the semblance of their dream cars, houses and thereby cultivate the attitude of spraying money lavishly to announce their own ‘arrival.’

The totality of the enticing lifestyle of celebrities and the privileged members of the society is what our jobless youths desperately want to attain in weeks or days, if possible. That’s why they end up going diabolical and ritualistic.

I have watched a video of a young man making love to a cow whose meat he will share to others to eat at a causeless ceremony. I also watched some scary video clips where young girls were dancing seductively with their supposed lovers or boyfriends only to be slaughtered minutes later for rituals. These are common scenes on social media. I couldn’t believe watching some guys eating a fowl raw with its feathers and intestines as part of rituals for quick money. Similarly, There are those eating excreta with bread. Wow! How about a 24-year-old guy arrested by policemen in his mindless attempt to use his parents’ dresses for rituals? There is hardly a day without announcement of missing girls or young women. These boys are not joking at all. They want to be rich by force and by fire. They don’t love anybody deeply in their wicked hearts. They see every woman as a potential sacrificial item. Parents, warn your girls.

It is more risky for women whose only deciding factor to date any man is money. Times are truly tough but be careful. These guys are merciless and mindless like bandits who have a zero value for human life. The question I need somebody to answer for me is that, can’t security agents go after those making these evil rituals for people? I’m aware that many powerful people in government, politics and business do patronise the same “powerful” juju men and women. I was told that some effective juju made for highly placed people involved human blood. True or false I don’t know but I want the security agents to beam a searchlight in that direction in order to reduce the incidence of missing girls.

Before the EndSARS protests, SARS operatives were regularly raiding suspected cyber criminals but many of them were reportedly extorted and then let off the hook. As at today, several lives have been sacrificed for money rituals by men who pretended to be in love with the victims. Economic climate is getting inclement the more. I hope that hunger, desire for latest iPhone version and idleness will not drive our covetous girls into their early grave. Parents please warn your girls, guys are desperate to make money. Again, girls, be warned.

_From the Mailbox_

*Re: DNA: Nemesis of Infidelity*

I take it that you suggest men should stop trying to know if children they are responsible for are truly theirs or not? Furthermore, you are implying that men should just overlook the wrongs of their wives and accept responsibility for other men’s children in their marriages so they could live long? Adoption is consensual but fathering an illegitimate child in a marriage is not, please. I guess that’s why women hide detals. _*– Richard Ogundele.*_

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