Fuel price hike: No government has raped this country like Buhari’s administration, says TUC



The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria condemns the increase in all social services in Nigeria. For the umpteenth time, we have complained about the gradual and steady annihilation of Nigeria in the light of government action.

Like the book by George Orwell, titled “1984”, the government and its agencies have resorted to doing the opposite of what they were set up to do. Government instead of providing welfare are killing the people systematically.

Increasing Petroleum prices, NEPA Bills, etc. at a time people are losing job, businesses are not moving in the light of Covid-19, is to say the least wicked. This takes us to Central Bank of Nigeria’s role in Nigeria to stabilise the economy yet, it has continued to do things that distort the economy.

Can we really blame the petroleum providers? The CBN used to sell dollars to the providers at official price. It is now the case that the providers are looking for dollars in the open market. It is only natural that they will want to make profit.

TUC therefore calls the government to direct CBN to provide dollars at official rate to importers for the petroleum products. We also call on the government to return the social services to its originally maintainable prices.

From all indications, it appears this government has lost touch with Nigerians. All the policies Nigerians have kicked against, they have implemented. They have developed a thick skin that our pleas and cries no longer mean anything to them. No government has raped this country like the present one; ironically it has enjoyed our understanding the most. They beat us and when we cry they send security operatives after us or force us to pay a fine of N5m for ‘’Hate speech’’. Our patience has run out.

In droves, Nigerians flee the shores of this country. Just two days we protested the hike in electricity tariff and sadly yesterday they slammed us with fuel hike, at a time countries like Ghana, Canada, are giving out palliatives to cushion the effect of coronavirus pandemic. It is difficult to cope in this circumstance.

Do we still wonder why unemployment and insecurity have increased? This is disgustingly shameful. We urge government to listen to the voice of reason and reverse the price immediately. Stop pushing Nigerians to the wall. This is too daring. The Congress is calling a meeting of its organs to take decisions on this obnoxious move.


Comrade Quadri A. Olaleye FCIA, MNIM
President, TUC

Comrade (Barr.) Musa-Lawal Ozigi, mni
Secretary General, TUC


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