Eagles now 28th in FIFA world rankings


super_eaglesThe reigning African Nations Cup champions, the Super Eagles of Nigeria Thursday afternoon improved in its rankings at the world stage as the team now ranks 28th in the world as released by the world football ruling body, FIFA, in their monthly ranking statistics.

The Nigerian team were ranked 31st in last month’s ranking. With the new movement, the Eagles are now superior to USA and Japan at the world stage, while they rank number four in Africa behind Cote d’ Ívoire, Ghana and Mali who rank 12th, 22nd and 26th in the world.

At the international level, Spain still ranks world number one since after the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, while Germany retains the world number two sport and Lionnel Messi motivated Argentina are third in the world.

Top 10 in Africa

1. Ivory Coast (12th)

2. Ghana (22nd)

3. Mali (26th)

4. Nigeria (28th)

5. Algeria (35th)

6. Tunisia (41st)

7. Zambia (46th)

8. Burkina Faso (50th)

9. South Africa (56th)

  1. Equatorial Guinea (61st)





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