Trump: U.S. Federal Reserve ‘too proud to admit mistakes’


United States (U.S.) President Donald Trump, on Wednesday, said the U.S. Federal Reserve must cut rates “bigger and faster’’ for America to be competitive against other countries.
“Our problem is a Federal Reserve that is too proud to admit their mistake of acting too fast and tightening too much.
“They must cut rates bigger and faster, and stop their ridiculous quantitative tightening now,’’ Trump said in a series of Twitter posts.
The Republican president has, for months, been calling on the Fed to lower interest rates to support the U.S. economy.
His surprise move last week, to impose new tariffs on Chinese imports, has thrown the Federal Reserve another curveball that may force it to cut rates more than the Central Bank had hoped was necessary to protect the economy from trade-policy risks.
White House Trade Adviser, Peter Navarro, on Monday urged the Fed to cut key rates by another three-quarter of a point to a full point by the end of the year to bring U.S. rates in line with rates elsewhere.


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