Three policemen shot dead in Enugu


Three policemen were, on Wednesday night, killed by unknown gunmen in New Haven area of Enugu metropolis.

The incident occurred around 10.30pm at Block Bus stop, New Haven in front of a popular supermarket. Eyewitnesses said the shootings lasted less than one minute.

The shootings, it was learnt, shut down night activities in New Haven as many residents started alerting friends and families to avoid going towards the area.

It was gathered that the assailants came in a Lexus RX 330 vehicle.

“I heard serious shootings from afar toward that police checkpoint at Kilimanjaro Roundabout. Immediately after the shootings, we saw the Lexus zoomed past. All of us simply said that the gunmen must have been the ones in the vehicle. Many people were too afraid to go and check what it was like.

“It was much later that some guys went there to see the policemen lying dead inside the gutters”, an eye witness said.

A resident said that he saw a Lexus car screeched to a halt at Ibagwa Nike, with three hooded men with guns emerging from the car.

“I was coming back from Nsukka last night around 10:54. I saw a dark blue Lexus 330 coming with speed. It suddenly parked in front of the Catholic Church at Ibagwa Junction and someone who dressed like a police man rushed and opened the boot and 3 boys with gun jumped down with their faces covered, I was terrified. It was when I got home that I started hearing about killing of policemen. So, this is what they did”, he said.


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