Saraki: It may be difficult now but Nigeria will rise again


Former Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, has congratulated Nigerians on the 63rd anniversary of the nation’s independence and urged them to believe that despite the difficult situation confronting the country now, good days will soon return.

In a statement signed by Yusuph Olaniyonu, head of his Media Office, Saraki stated that no matter the state of the economy, politics and social situation, the Independence Anniversary presents an opportunity for every citizen to celebrate and renew their commitment to the country.

He added that the economic situation of the country, the political challenges, poor social conditions, and security crises are strong factors that could make the people unhappy and reduce their enthusiasm to celebrate as they usually do every first day of October.

“However, I believe there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is good for our people to look at the bright side of life and strengthen their belief in the country. It has not always been like what we have today. This country’s independence in 1960 was seen by the rest of the world as the one that symbolised the future and greatness of Africa. What those who believed Nigeria represented the best of Africa saw in 1960 remains here.

“This is still a country where one out of every four Africans is a Nigerian. It is a country where the natural resources are still abundant. It is a country where the best professionals from Africa emanated from. It is a country where over 60 percent of the population is youth. It is a country which presents a huge market to the world with its almost 200 million population.

“Which other country dominates the financial technology (fintech) world as we have? Also, our control of the world of sports, entertainment, medicine, and academics shows that the future belongs to us.

“All these give me hope that the future will be bright for our country. We only need to be more diligent and effective in the choice of our leadership and the followership should strive to be a positive influence on those who administer the country.

“As we celebrate the 63rd independence anniversary of our dear nation, let us all pray to God to heal our land, guide both our leaders and the followers right, and “help our youths the truth to know” as the words of our national anthem read.

“Let me again reiterate my prayers that Almighty Allah should protect our men and women in the security services who are stationed on the frontline fighting to secure the country and give them victory over the enemies of the state who have chosen to wage war against the country. May peace and prosperity return to our country so that we can all celebrate her greatness once again. Happy Independence Anniversary to all Nigerians”, Saraki stated.


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