Popoola to Nigerians: Turn messy socio-economic problems confronting our nation to a divine message


A cleric, Dr. Tayo Popoola, has charged Nigerians to turn a messy socio-economic and political problems confronting the nation occasioned by COVID-19 to a message.

Ministering on Sunday at a special prophetic service with the theme: “40 days to the promised land” at the headquarters of Divine Favour Prayer Assembly Ministries, Mowe, Ogun State, Popoola, who is the head Pastor of the church, argued that “it is no longer news that Covid-19 messed up the entire global community.”

He was of the view that God deserves locomotive praise for sparing our lives to survive the pandemic.

He stated that now that everything about the pandemic is under effective control, attention should now shift in the direction of individuals, institutions and corporate bodies achieving their goals in 2020.
Popoola charged Nigerians not to behave like the faithless Israelites who disappointed God when everything had been put in place to remove age long shame and reproach in their lives in 40 days.

Said he: ” God rescued the Israelites from slavery and captivity of over 400 years. He told them He would take them to a land flowing with milk and honey within 40 days but they didn’t believe Him. Only Joshua and Caleb believed the Lord out of a whole nation.

Popoola said in the same way, those who believe God as a faithful Father will smile at the end of this year 2020.

He said many people do not know the special divine authority and anointing attached to 40.
He asked rhetorically: Why did God say the Israelites will get to Canaan land in 40 days? Why did Jesus Christ fast 40 days and nights before his encounter with the devil in the wilderness? Why did Jesus Christ spend 40 days on earth before ascension? Why did Moses twice spend 40 days on the mountain? Why did Elijah spend 40 days on the mountain? He said the truth of the matter is that figure 40 carries a special authority and anointing of fulfillment, perfection, miracles,sings and wonders.

Popoola enjoined those living a sinful life to repent and turn to the Lord, while urging the generality of the people to spend the remaining days in 2020 praying and asking for His favour and mercy concerning their aspirations in the year.
Quoting from the book of Ecclesiastes 7:8,which states that better is the end of a thing than the beginning, Popoola assured that the Lord is more than capable to turn the messy situation on ground to a message, testimonies, signs and wonders within the remaining 40 days in the year if we do the needful.


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