Nigerian students in France quicker, smarter, says envoy

French Ambassador to Nigeria Ms Emmanuelle Blatmann on Thursday described Nigerian Students studying in France as more intelligent, quicker, and smarter compared with their counterparts from other parts of Africa.
Blatmann made the comparison in an interview in Abuja against the backdrop of the end of her stay in Nigeria.
The ambassador said that France has been requesting more applications from Nigerians willing to study in the European country due to their high level of intelligence and impressive performances in schools across France.
According to her, French schools are cheaper because higher education in the country is subsidized by the government to enable students to have access to education.
“We see that our Nigerian partners are more and more interested. What makes me proud is the French establishment welcomes these Nigerian students and finds them awesome.
“Each time the feedback from the schools come we find them amazing because they find the Nigerian students quicker and smarter, and adapt very well which is great news because they ask us for more students,” she said.
Speaking on the cultural ties between the two countries, Blatmann said both France and Nigeria have many things in common citing cultural heritage, literature, cinema, and music.
“On the cultural level we find that we are amazing partners because we share with Nigeria similar outlook towards our cultural heritage.
“We love our literature, cinema, music, and and enjoy fun. We are proud of our cuisines and gastronomy.
“I think I have never seen a country and people like Nigerians. They are proud of their food same as us.
“These are the things that we appreciate and worked a lot with.
“We have a unique cultural network here in Nigeria. We have a French institute and numerous Alliance Francaise  across the country,” she said.


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