LASU VC: This needless procrastination may lead to a destructive factionalisation of the institution, says Tajudeen Olanrewaju


We, at Ọmọ Ẹko Pataki, remain undaunted, steadfast and firm on the issue of the appointment of a substantive Vice Chancellor for Lagos State University.

An appointment which ordinarily should have been handled with the subsisting procedural rules and guidance has now been deliberately complicated by partisan bias and apparently untidy favouritism.

This is very wrong. This is outrightly unfair. An appointment that had often been handled with swiftness and purposeful vision since the creation of the Lagos State University in 1983 has now festered and widened in all kinds of narrow interests thereby diminishing the institution and basically rubbishing the natives.

We all know what is right. We all know the well established and acceptable national practice which is to put the most qualified indigene of the state university as the Vice Chancellor. And what is more, presently there is no Lagosian heading any tertiary institution, in the country, including the federal government owned. And you will now take what is rightfully ours away from our deserving sons and daughters. Is this fair ? Is this just ?

The process had been undertaken two times now.
And each time three Lagosian natives emerged as the best in terms of all verifiable professional qualifications. But yet the Visitor to the University, Governor Sanwoolu threw out the process. They are now embarking on another jamboree.

It is as if someone is working towards a compromised result. This is not leadership. Now, the State House of Assembly is weighing in on the messy drama. To what purpose, we do not know. We at Ọmọ Pataki are once again advising the Governor to demonstrate courage and maturity by doing what is proper and fair. He should appoint the most qualified indigene as LASU Vice Chancellor. This is the normative pattern.

Sanwoolu should avoid a situation where this needless procrastination may lead to a destructive factionalisation of the institution itself. History will applaud him for making the right choice.

*Major- General Tajudeen Olanrewaju, rtd.
Trustee Ọmọ Eko Pataki.


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