From Winston Churchill to Liz Truss: Queen Elizabeth met 15 Prime Ministers ‘for weekly private audiences’


Elizabeth II has had 15 Prime Ministers serving during her reign (since 1952), from Sir Winston Churchill to the present prime minister, Liz Truss.

During her 70-year reign, the queen met with her Prime Ministers for weekly private audiences.
Below is the list:

Winston Churchill (1951–55; second time)

Anthony Eden (1955–57)

Harold Macmillan (1957–63)

Alec Douglas-Home (1963–64)

Harold Wilson (1964–70; 1st time)

Edward Heath (1970–74)

Harold Wilson (1974–76; 2nd time)

James Callaghan (1976–79)

Margaret Thatcher (1979–90)

John Major (1990–97)

Tony Blair (1997–2007)

Gordon Brown (2007–10)

David Cameron (2010–16)

Theresa May (2016–19)

Boris Johnson (2019–22)

Liz Truss (2022– )


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