Debate: Oyo APC offers to get an interpreter for Ladoja


The All Progressives Congress (APC), Oyo State chapter, has promised to get the services of an interpreter to the candidate of the Accord Party in the February 28 gubernatorial election, Senator Rashidi Ladoja, if that is all it would take for him to appear at gubernatorial debates being arranged by stakeholders in the state.
The APC said this in a statement by its Director of Publicity,
Olawale Sadare.
The party said that the incessant absence of Ladoja from gubernatorial debates was a symptom of lack of depth and concise plans for the people of Oyo State.
Ladoja has absented himself from two major debates in the state till date, the first being the one organized by the Space FM and the last being the one of Sunday February 1, 2015 organized by the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN).
“We are offering to get him an interpreter because if his problem is to escape from his unintelligible public speeches, lack of communication skills and inability to sustain an intellectual argument and debate, he needs not be afraid. However, Ladoja needs to afford the people of the state the opportunity of seeing the stuff he is made of, vis a vis others, so that the people can make an informed choice. Absenting himself from such debates is not good for the electorate who
are today wiser and more informed,” the APC said.
At the first debate by the Space FM, all aspirants except Ladoja attended while in the debate of Sunday, he was the only one absent.
The APC decried the consecutive absence of Ladoja from the
gubernatorial debates, stating that the Accord Party candidate only thrives at the level of lies and dirty mudslinging.
“Ladoja cannot compete at the intellectual level where ideas are in question. He can only thrive where he is able to hoodwink people who are not literate with untruths and character assassination. It is even made worse by the puerile excuses he gives to each of the organizers of the debates. He should just own up that he cannot favourably compete at this level,” said the APC.
While stating that it had a candidate it can sell to the electorate due to his pedigree of peace and performance in the saddle of power in the last three and a half years, the APC maintained that the choice between the people of Oyo State is that of candidates known for their past of violence, those known to profess and practise peace at the moment and the future of a great infrastructural development that is
accruable from peace and tranquility in the state.
“At the level of dirty politics, we cannot compete with Ladoja. He is a master on that turf. But we regret to let him know that Oyo State has left that level and the people of the state will vote according to their understanding of what each candidate did while in office,” the APC said.


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