Coronavirus: God has no blame, says cleric


The Head Pastor of Divine Favour Prayer Assembly Ministries, Mowe, Ogun State, Dr. Tayo Popoola, has said that God has no blame in the outbreak of Coronavirus.

Reacting to the outbreak and spread of the pandemic in Nigeria, Popoola recalled that as far back as October 25, 2019, the Lord spoke through him about the outbreak.

Said he: “The Lord revealed the outbreak through a vision and I shared it in a sermon with our congregation during a special monthly programme, Divine Recovery by force by war.”

Popoola said he told the congregation to pray against the manifestation of the revelation because it could prevent many people from going to places of worship.
“I saw people who appeared as task force men in the vision who were arresting people from one church to another.”

He stated that the church prayed over it then and begged God not to allow it.

Popoola said now that the pandemic is ravaging the world, he enjoined all Christian leaders and their congregation to beg God through prayer and fasting similar to the way King Jehosphaphat begged God over a national disaster in 2 Chronicles 20:1-30.

Popoola further enjoined global world leaders to own up now before the Lord and confess their sins.

The man of God stressed that when pestilence descended upon the nation of Israel which claimed 70,000 lives from morning till the time appointed (2 Sam 24:1-25), King David confessed “I have sinned and have done wickedly”.

The Holy Bible says peace, consequent upon the confession returned to the nation adding that let our leaders at various levels learn from this and embrace righteous living.

He further enjoined our leaders at various levels to heed this advice, pointing out that “where there is no prophet’s vision,the people perish…”(Pro 29:18).


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