British Council introduces “Film Lab Africa” to empower Nigerian Filmmakers, TV Producers


The Regional Head for Creative Economy, British Council, Brenda Fashugba, on Saturday announced the introduction of an empowering project for Filmmakers, “Film Lab Africa”.

Film Lab Africa is a transformative Pan African initiative  by the British Council dedicated to empowering emerging filmmakers and TV producers starting from Nigeria.

Fashugba, who is also the Head of Arts and Creativity in Nigeria, while addressing newsmen, said the project would boost the Nigerian film industry which is second largest in the world.

She noted that the project would be exposed to anyone with good Nigerian content with $5,000 each, adding that  it would also be in partnership with Nollywood Stars.

Fashugba also said the selection process would be through registration online with the provided sites.

“We celebrate the launch of Film Lab Africa, a transformative Pan African initiative by the British Council dedicated to empowering emerging filmmakers and TV producers starting from Nigeria.

“This marks the beginning of an exciting journey—one that holds the promise of not just shaping the future of the creative industry but also of fostering collaboration, innovation, and cultural enrichment.

“We are set to introduce the birth of a program that will become a catalyst for change, a platform for creative expression, and a hub for forging lasting connections,” she said.

Fashugba added that the Film Lab Africa was not just a program , but  a testament
to the British Council’s commitment toward nurturing talents, promoting cross-cultural collaboration through the creative economy.

” It reflects our belief in the transformative power of storytelling, and it is a resounding affirmation of our dedication to supporting the arts and creative industries.

” Film Lab Africa will provide aspiring filmmakers and television producers with tools, knowledge, and resources needed to craft compelling narratives and make their mark on the global stage.

“Through comprehensive capacity-building initiatives, technical training, mentorship, and workshops, participants will embark on a journey of self-discovery and creative exploration.

“We will emphasize the art of mobile phone cinematography, delve into the intricacies of short film production, and navigate the complex terrain of film and television industry’s business.

” In doing so, we will not only empower individuals but also contribute to the growth and sustainability of Nigeria’s creative economy,” she said.

According to her, the council envisions a future where Nigerian filmmakers and TV producers are celebrated on the global stage, where their voices resonate far and wide, and where their stories inspire change.

She called on other stakeholders to embrace the creative spirit that united all and also join hands in shaping a brighter, more vibrant future for Nigeria’s creative industry.

Fashugba was in company of the Africa Regional Director, Creative Economy, Farai Naibe and Chikodi Onyemerela, British Council Nigeria’s Director of Programs.


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