Book review: Unleashing your creative essence



TITLE: MINDSHIFT (Unleashing Your Creative Essence)
PUBLISHER: Paradigm House
SUBJECT: Inspirational
AUTHOR Omolulu Ogumande
REVIEWER: Ladi Ayodeji

The wisdom literature has caught the fancy of young Nigerian ministers of the gospel. I have about a dozen inspirational new books on my desks waiting to be reviewed, after I have read them several times.
One of such books is Omololu Ogunmade’s book, Mind shift (Unleashing Your Creative Essence). The author is no stranger to me; we worship together in Rev Chris Okotie’s church, the Household of God, Oregun, Lagos. We first cross path when the Pastor asked Ogunmade to contribute to some press release I was generating for our Party Fresh Democratic Party, Fresh some years back. And like the Pastor said, “Lolu writes well”.
Ogunmade proved that in mind shift, as he always did in all the excellent write – ups assigned to him. That gave me the incentive to read this book, and review it. The author calls on his audience to embrace a paradigm shift in order to reign over life’s daunting circumstances.
The sentiments expressed by the writer of the forward Osahon Idemudian is shared by me: Mind shift challenges you to know that “every action demands a contemplative thought process in order to achieve a better result than over before “.
Mid – way into the book, precisely on page 78, the author wrote about the sub – title: Unlocking your Creative Essence: The person who wants to live a different life based on the realization that things can be better than ever must agree to a certain affirmation.
He listed them as follows: I am today the totality of my past decisions: No one else but me can be held responsible for my decisions. It is not too late to change things around. I have the power to change things I don’t want in my life; I can create the life I want if I commit to the what that life is. I must create a mind renewal
experience through exposure to people, information, and images that enhance my vison of the life I want.
The admonishes readers to commit to the preceding policy statement if they hope to experience a mind shift. That’s the heart of this book and the philosophy it promotes. The author relayed several life – changing experiences in anecdotes that are so fascinating; some of these are inspiring exploits of iconic mentors and role models who influenced his life’s trajectory. Apart from Ogunmade’s funny tale about his mind shifting high school fight, we learn from life of the famous and rich like Bill Gates, Pierre Omidya, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, The Wright Brothers, Henry Ford, and other notable global achievers. He listed in his Hall of Fame (chapter 8). Read this for motivation.
Mr. Ogunmade, through nine riveting chapters, shows how environment factors and other inhibitions could be overcome to achieve your mission. He insists that you must have to work the system; by using the infedients of a paradigm shift to move into your promised land. In doing this, the author’s advice is to find your passion. Check chapter 6 for fuller details about passion. It is so fundamental.
According to the author, whose life is an example mind shift, in that despite coming from a science background, he is living his passion as an entrepreneur, public speaker, and mind shift exponent. When a teacher walks his talk, he is easy to emulate in just 112 pages, we read how new thinking transforms the lives of those who apply the principles Ogunmade exposes so brilliantly.
Although the author claims it is not a success manual, I wonder what you’d call a book which tells you how to break from old stereo – types and move from failure to resounding success. The self – depreciating claim is typical of Ogunmade, whose personal modesty is exemplary. This is one of the best produced books published by a Nigerian author that I have read in many years and I commend the author for printing it abroad, because it accounts for its print quality.
The author tells us that “Life doesn’t respond to needs, it responds to desire, faith, and definite pursuit of predetermined goals. “That’s a great take away from this excellent piece of wisdom literature.


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