Amaechi plans street protest against security breaches in Rivers


amaechiThe Rivers Government says it is preparing to take to the streets to protest the `security breaches’ in the state.

Gov. Chibuike Amaechi made the remark while exchanging views with a Prof. Tam David-West, at Government House, Port Harcourt on Wednesday.

Amaechi told the former Petroleum Minister that “we have that problem and we believe that we should begin to address it.

“Prof., if we need to match on the streets, we will call you to come and join us; we are preparing to match on the streets if this anomaly continues,’’ Amaechi said.

He said that some Nigerians in Diaspora and some other people outside the state had already agreed to join in the march.

Amaechi said that the state had a serious challenge because issues discussed at the state Security Council meetings were leaked while kidnapping and armed robbery were on the rise.

According to him, “I will give you (David-West) snippets of the letter I am trying to send to the president.

He said the letter became necessary because “we are unable to hold any security council meeting anymore because of that.

“Prof, insecurity is threatening to comeback, kidnapping is on the rise, armed robbery is on the rise because they have hijacked the security of the state.”

Amaechi said that the Federal Government should remember that the state police was not supported due to the impression that the governors would mismanage it.

He said that the federal police should not be mismanaged against Nigerians as it was an institution for all Nigerians.

Earlier, David-West observed that Amaechi was going through difficult times, but said that he would prevail in the end.

He commended Amaechi’s achievement, especially in terms of development.

According to him, Amaechi has out-performed every other governor the state ever had; anyone who disputes Amaechi’s performance in the state is blinder than the bat.

“I have followed the history of all governors from Diette-Spiff to Amaechi, I make bold to say without any apologies or regrets that no governor has focused himself to elevating Rivers than Amaechi.

“I took personal interest in the Amaechi’s case ever before I met him in person as I said before. I support a cause not for personal gain.”

David-West who decried the crisis in the governor’s forum, said, “we are going through very strange times in Nigeria’’.

“I am not a member of any political party; I am supporting a cause that is very dear to me and that cause is justice.

“I have been a victim of injustice in my life, so when I see people suffering injustice or victims, I naturally support them.”


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