Youth Mobilisation Movement: Nigeria hijacked by unrelenting old blocs of yesteryears


The National body of the Youth Mobilisation Movement wishes to use the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of Nigeria’s independence as a period of sober reflection.
The 60 years of independence has shown a wavy graph of ups and down which has greatly been influenced by military rule and unpopular masses Constitution.
Nigeria of today has been hijacked by the unrelenting old blocs of yesteryears over willing, emerging altruistic young leaders.
Where do we go from here? The country has drifted from our founding fathers dream of a great country. Now we are embedded in torrentous disunity along ethnic, religious and political line. We are in great financial debt and insolvent. The agitation for self determination is on every lips. Mother Nigeria cries profusely as her adopted children tears themselves apart.
I speak to the younger generation. You and I. That there are debts to be serviced caused by the old blocs. Also broken walls to be mended which they cracked.
There is work to be done. Rise up comrades and let us determine our tommorow. We are in the majority. We are the leaders of today not tomorrow because tomorrow is for new emerging younger leaders. The ball is in our court.
Happy 60th Anniversary to all Nigerias. It shall be well.

Dr Oluwaseye O’Dairo
National coordinator
Youth Mobilisation Movement


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