Soldier, four terrorists killed in army post attack


One soldier and four terrorists were killed in an attack on an army post in Acharane (Timbuktu region) in northern Mali, the Malian Armed Forces (FAMa) said on Sunday on their official website.

The Malian army also deplored three wounded in its ranks and recovered from the assailants “several individual and collective weapons”.

“The FAMa have just reacted vigorously this Sunday morning, around 6:30 a.m. to an attack on the Acharane post in the Timbuktu region.

“The provisional toll is one dead and three wounded in the ranks of FAMa. Four dead were abandoned on the ground by the enemy”, FAMa said.

On October 6, a complex attack targeting a convoy of the Malian army on the Koro-Bandiagara axis in the centre of the country caused 16 deaths and wounded nine soldiers in the FAMa who killed 15 terrorists and seized 20 motorcycles.

Since 2012, Mali has been facing deep and multifaceted security, political, and economic crises.

The independence insurrections, the jihadist incursions and the inter-communal violence have caused thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of displaced, despite the presence of UN (MINUSMA), French (Barkhane) and European (Tonuba) forces.


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