Reps to sanitize ecological funds management, tackle other challenges


In a bid to transform the current state of ecological funds management, the House of Representatives Committee on Ecological Funds has embarked on a mission to overhaul the system and address pressing environmental issues.

This commitment was made during the inaugural meeting of the Committee in Abuja, where the Chairman of the committee, Rep Aminu Jaji, pledged to usher in a new era.

Jaji assured the public that their efforts would extend beyond the traditional oversight function, focusing on a comprehensive sanitization of the system.

He pointed out that more than 50 requests from committee members were already on the table, seeking solutions to ecological challenges in their respective states.

One pressing concern highlighted by Jaji is the misuse of ecological projects as a means of profiteering.

He firmly stated, “We, as a Committee, have to stop this practice.” To ensure this, the committee plans to conduct a thorough needs assessment across all 36 states of the federation before disbursing funds.

He said the committee’s primary goal was to change the narrative surrounding ecological funds management.

He said the committee’s agenda is not limited to addressing financial issues; it also aims to tackle ecological challenges across the nation, such as desertification in the north and erosion in the South East.

Jaji called upon the committee to develop innovative solutions to these problems.

He expressed its commitment to collaborate with all stakeholders, including members of the previous committee, in the pursuit of effective ecological solutions.

Rep. Julius Pondi, a member of the committee and chair of the committee on environment, commended the leadership for appointing technocrats to the ecological funds committee.

He emphasized that the chairman’s firm decision-making would be essential for achieving the desired results.

Members of the Committee echoed their determination to join Chairman Jaji in changing the narrative and sanitizing the ecological funds system.


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