Remi Tinubu: Asiwaju wanted me to stay at home but I insisted on returning to Senate


Senator Oluremi Tinubu, on Tuesday, said that she did not get the support of her husband, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, to run for second term in the March 28 National Assembly elections.
Tinubu, representing Lagos Central Senatorial District, made the disclosure while answering questions at the ongoing “Women in Government’’ conference organised by the South-West Region of the Department For International Development (DFID).
The conference was organised in collaboration with the Office of the Deputy Governor of Lagos State.
She said that it was her district leaders who got the form for her and talked her husband into allowing her to run for the position.
According to her, “Asiwaju likes his wife to be at home and what is more confusing to me is that most Muslim men do not want their wives to work, but I am a hard worker.
“People have been saying that I got to this position because I am Asiwaju’s wife. What they did not realise is that in the past election, my husband asked me not to go for a second term.
“It was the leaders in my district that got me the form and talked to him that they wanted me to go back. You can go to my district, the elite might not know me but the grassroots are the ones supporting and voting massively for me.
“I think that is enough for me and that is how you can get elected, you have to really identify with your people; if you really know your people, they will stand up for you,’’ she said.
Tinubu said she fought and worked hard as it was difficult getting the vote of the masses.
“When I got the bill to run for primaries, I told my husband that I needed money and he said no money. I fought with the people in my constituency because they said I have to give them more money and I said no, what about the ones I have been giving to you? If you are not going to vote, so be it.
“They said that they were just voting for me because of Asiwaju and I responded that Asiwaju is not even supporting me, then, you can go and vote for him. But I’m grateful they voted for me.
“I have realised that when you are elected, you have to go back and work with your constituency because that is where your support and votes rest,’’ she said.


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