My husband burgled my shop, divorce-seeking woman tells court


A business woman, Eucharia Uzo, on Friday, dragged her husband, Obi Uzo, before a customary court, in Nyanya Abuja,  for allegedly sending thieves to burgle her shop.

The petitioner, who resides on Abacha Road, said this in a divorce petition she filed against her husband in the court.

“My husband vowed that I will never be greater than him under his roof, that was the reason he stopped my business of mineral, snacks and recharge card.

“Then my father gave me money to start food stuff business, my husband sent thieves to burgle my shop and they made away with all my goods. One of them later confessed that my husband sent them,” she said.

She begged the court to dissolve the marriage and “free me from this bondage called marriage”.

The respondent, Obi Uzo, a mechanic, was present in court and denied all the allegation.

He, however, told the court to grant the petitioner divorce.

The presiding Judge, Shitta Mohammed, adjourned the matter until September 22 for judgement. 


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