Mandela’s condition improves, says President Zuma


nelson_mandelaSouth Africa President, Jacob Zuma, in a statement on Thursday said he was informed by medical team that Nelson Mandela’s condition had improved during the night.

“Madiba is much better today than what he was last night.”

The statement comes after Mandela’s family had expressed concern about media reports about the health of Madiba.

Mandela’s eldest Daughter, Makaziwe, told the state-owned South Africa Broadcasting Service (SABC) television station that the family appreciated the interest on Mandela’s wellbeing.

She added that they are however disappointed with the manner in which the media is covering the matter.

“The media should try to give the family some respect. The UK government never communicated on a daily basis on Margaret Thatcher’s health as well as giving the gory details of her sickness while she was in the hospital,’’ she said.

Makaziwe said in the history of the world, she has never seen such details being communicated on a daily basis.

“There’s sort of a racist element with many of the foreign media when they just cross boundaries.

“It’s like vultures waiting when a lion has devoured a buffalo, waiting there for the last carcass. That’s the image that we have as a family.

“We don’t mind the interest. But I just think it has gone overboard,” Makaziwe said in an interview with SABC.

She said “anything is imminent” because her father referred to affectionately by many South Africans as “Tata,” or “Madiba,” is in a very critical state.

“I want to emphasise again that it’s only God who knows when it is time to go.

“So, we will wait with Tata. He’s still giving us hope by opening his eyes, he’s still active, and we will live with that hope until the final end comes,” she said.

Mandela has been on admission at Pretoria based Mediclinic Heart Hospital since June 8 for recurring lung infection.




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