Long Distance: Oshinubi set to make history, to run from Ibadan to Lagos


Oshinubi Oluwafemi, a 32-year-old long distance runner and an expert in 10,000 metres distance, is set to make history on November 28.
From Liberty Stadium, Ibadan, he will run to Lagos State House, Alausa, Ikeja, covering 250 kilometres.
The marathon is tagged ‘Ibadan to Lagos Running Challenge’.
It is also to raise awareness against drug abuse.
He will run the race with some of his team members.
Born on March 4, 1991, Oshinubi’s coach is Omolola Odutola.
Oshinubi began running long distances as a child when he would run to and from school.
He is the brain behind #TeamRunFast. He is also a fitness instructor.
Among others, he participated in Lagos City Marathon, Abuja City Marathon, Ijebu-Ode Half Heritage Marathon and Arm Pension Run For The Future.
Oshinubi attributes his consistency to discipline, hardwork and motivation.
He desires to be like Eluid Kipchage, Mo Farah and Kenesisa Bekele.
Oshinubi said: “I want to confiscate mental barrier that the impossible is possible only to those who dare. First conceive it and take steps towards achieving it. I first conceived a dream that running from Ibadan to Lagos is possible and today as part of taking steps, I am here to create awareness of this challenge.
“Through this challenge, I want to experiment and successfully drive a point that the body can be conditioned and disciplined with the right training, such as eating right, drinking water and moderate consistent exercises.
“I want to demonstrate that an average young Nigerian is energetic, active, but this can only be achieved through healthy investment in a balance deliberate effort to eschew negative vices inimical to healthy living, such as drug abuse, mixture addiction and substance abuse.
“Through this challenge, I want to promote fitness and run against youth addiction on drug abuse. Finally all my team members are void of drugs, you can test us, yet we are targeted to completing a beast run in five days!”


  1. Thamk you Freedom online, thank you Omolola Odutola My real coach for this great opportunity… It’s a big privilege for me and I sincerely appreciate


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