Lagos bye-election: Youth Mobilisation Movement endorses PDP candidates Gbadamosi, Ademola


Lagos State PDP candidates Chief Babatunde Gbadamosi and Hon Alebiosu Ademola, who are both representing PDP for this Saturday Lagos East Senatorial and Kosofe Constituency II House of Assembly Elections respectively have gotten a major boost and support from probably one of the largest youth groups in Nigeria, the Youth Mobilization Movement (YMM).

This was confirmed by the Lagos State Co-coordinator of the movement, Comrade Bode Ogundipe, when the National Coordinator and founder of the movement, Dr Seye O’Dairo, paid an official visit to the Lagos office of the group to make this pronouncement.

Speaking on the endorsement, he said a general survey was done in the Lagos East Senatorial district to ascertain the level of preparedness and mood of the people with regards to the upcoming by-election especially from the youth who constitute 70% of the voting population.

In an unbiased feedback, 70% of the youth overwhelmingly endorsed the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Candidates who will represent them both at the Senate and the Lagos House of assembly while 30% endorsed the All Progressives Congress Party candidates for the bye election.

Their unflinching support to the PDP candidates was attributed to the disposition of the candidates towards youth oriented programmes and development agenda of PDP. Most of the response received from the youth for supporting the PDP candidates stemmed from the disposition of PDP in solidarity with EndSARS protests, End to Lagos godfatherism and lack of government presence in their axis by the APC government. The theme and the cry on the lips of most of the youths and people interviewed was “Otoge Leko” (enough is enough in Lagos). Many attested to the impeccable personality of the PDP Candidate for Lagos East Senatorial Mr. Babatunde Gbadamosi as a man of the people, an activist and an astute businessman who has touched many lives positively unlike the APC candidate Mr. Abiru who is unknown to them and faced with allegations of complex integrity issues of his party registrations at different polling units. So the YMM has jointly added to the voice of the people to jointly endorse and mobilize the youths and people in Lagos East Senatorial to massively come out and vote for the People’s Democratic Party candidates in this by election. We want the security forces to ensure a peaceful election which is devoid of violence so that all can exercise their rights and franchise. Dr Seye O’Dairo also urged Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to proof to Nigerians that a free and fair election will be conducted in this Saturday the 5th December by-election as a template for up coming election in 2023.


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