IWD2024: Change Leaders Engage with Orekoya to Propel Gender Equality, Social Initiatives


In a prelude to International Women’s Day, a delegation of change leaders from Lagos, comprising Halima Layeni, Nmuta Ngozi, Obadare Adenekan, and Amaka Osita, held a pivotal engagement with Honourable Abiodun Orekoya, Member of the Lagos State House of Assembly. Facilitated by the Life After Abuse Foundation (LAAF) in collaboration with Nguvu Collective(formerly championed by Change.org Foundation), the meeting addressed critical issues affecting women, men, children, and the environment.

Halima Layeni, an advocate of men’s mental health, presented a campaign seeking to reduce the high rate of gender-based violence in Lagos State. Her proposed solution involve advocating for budget allocations to establish and enhance mental health programs for men, including awareness campaigns, counselling services, and accessible resources to combat GBV.

Nmuta Ngozi focused on supporting single mothers by mandating fathers to provide child support for their children. She proposed raising a bill in the House of Assembly that criminalizes the lack of child support from fathers, emphasizing the importance of legal measures in ensuring the well-being of single-parent households.

In an effort to combat environmental challenges, Obadare Adenekan highlighted the urgency of implementing a ban on single-use plastic bags and styrofoam. He urged Hon. Abiodun Orekoya to contribute to putting pressure on the Executive to ensure the policy is enforced, emphasizing the involvement of young climate activists in the implementation process.

Amaka Osita brought attention to the need for implementing a student loan programme in Lagos State to support underprivileged students. She sought Hon. Orekoya’s support in ensuring that Lagos State becomes part of the states where the student loan program will be piloted by the Federal Government this year.

As International Women’s Day approaches, this initiative sends a powerful message: achieving gender equality requires a holistic approach that includes prioritizing men’s mental health and ensuring fathers pay child support. The collaborative efforts of change leaders in Lagos serve as a beacon for other communities, emphasising the importance of collective action for a more equitable and inclusive society.

Imole Layeni, LAAF Strategic Partnership Manager, orchestrated the meeting. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Yinka Stephen for recommending access to the esteemed lawmaker. The delegation expresses deep appreciation to Hon. Abiodun Orekoya for his hospitality, receptiveness to their campaigns, and commitment to elevating their campaign requests to the relevant bodies.

The Life After Abuse Foundation volunteer photographer, Tinuola Oyediran, and campaign officer, Ladyann Crown, were recognized for their selfless service in capturing and promoting the important dialogue.


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