Israeli Army destroys largest Hamas tunnel in Gaza Strip


The Israeli Army has destroyed the largest Hamas tunnel ever discovered in the Gaza Strip.

The tunnel with several branches, which was found in the north of the coastal area in mid-December 2023, had been examined and dismantled in recent weeks, the military announced on Tuesday.

The army also published videos showing parts of the tunnel being blown up, and forces dumping concrete into other sections. The information could not be independently verified.

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) said vehicles were able to pass through the tunnel, which extended for more than four kilometres and had a depth of 50 metres.

The tunnel system is located 400 metres from the Erez border crossing between Israel and Gaza but did not extend into Israeli territory, the IDF said.

It is said to have been built by Mohammed al-Sinwar, the brother of Yehya al-Sinwar who leads the militant Palestinian organisation Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

According to Israeli media reports, the tunnel route leads to Jabalia, the refugee neighbourhood in northern Gaza which is considered a Hamas stronghold.


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