How I will defeat Jonathan, Buhari, by APA candidate


“Because Nigerians are tired of dishonesty, hate speeches, inaction and lack of sincerity on the part of the leaderships of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC), their presidential candidates, President Goodluck Jonathan and Major-General Muhammadu Buhari, would be rejected on March 28 by the electorate and I, the presidential candidate of the African Peoples Alliance (APA), will be elected”.
With these words, the presidential candidate of APA, Alhaji Adebayo Musa Ayeni, declared his readiness to defeat Jonathan and Buhari during the polls.
Speaking in Akure, Ayeni, a former deputy governor of old Ondo State, said further: “More than 70 per cent of voters in Nigeria are living below poverty line. Because I am one of them, they know that I will not disappoint them. That is why they will vote for me during the election. I have reached about 120 million Nigerians who are on networks. I stand a better chance than other candidates in winning the election. My candidature also has a divine backing. I am in the race to fulfil God’s directive to liberate the poor in the country. The moment I get 70 per cent of the votes, I have won.
“I am in this race because God directed me to contest the election. God told me categorically that I will succeed President Goodluck Jonathan and I believe what God says, hence, my resolve to contest the presidential election.
“Another advantage I have is that PDP and APC are the same. Nigerians don’t see any difference between the two. If you check, many APC members today were once in PDP. So, they are the same”.
On his plans for the country, he said he would focus more on agriculture, security and job creation.


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