Gani Adams: State police will end insurgency


National Coordinator of Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC), Otunba Gani Adams, on Tuesday, called for the creation of state police to assist in ending insurgency in the country.
Adams said in Lagos that it was very hard for a country with about 1,500 illegal entry routes to tackle insurgency without a state police.

He urged the government to employ the service of local people, who understood the terrain in their respective areas, to help security personnel defeat insurgents.

“Adamawa State University just resumed and have recruited 80 vigilante men and hunters for security; Borno, Yobe and others are also using civilians as security in some areas.

“This shows that we have serious crisis. Everywhere in the world, security is not just for government alone like we do in Nigeria.

“That is why I support the call for a state police. Instead of deploying people from different regions every now and then to fight insurgency, each state should be allowed to establish its force.


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