Galadanci lauds Buhari for equipping Armed Forces

A retired Brigadier General, Muhammad-Kabir Galadanci, has lauded the outgoing administration of President Muhammadu Buhari for securing massive operational platforms for the Armed Forces of Nigeria.
Galadanci gave the commendation in an interview on Thursday in Kaduna.
He recalled that before the emergence of the administration in 2015, the armed forces had insufficient weapons with which to confront those threatening the security of the county.
The general said the situation made it very difficult for the armed forces to defeat the threats, especially the threats posed by Boko Haram insurgents and other criminals.
Galadanci however said that the Buhari administration emboldened the armed forces with new and modern platforms which gave them the courage to drive the adversaries and reclaim Nigerian territories.
“Some of the platforms the Armed Forces were equipped with such as anti-bomb and bullet proof vehicles and MRAPs, saved the lives of many personnel on service to their father land.
“The provision of drones and fighter jets including 12 Super Tucanos by President Buhari among others platforms, also greatly impacted the fight against insurgency and banditry in the country.”
Galadanci also said the outgoing administration had refurbished and brought back to life some abandoned platforms which raised the successes being recorded against terrorism and other crimes in the country.
“You must have seen the recent display of military platforms by the armed forces few days ago, that alone is evident that President Buhari administration had spent so much on security, and it has been worth it,” he added.
He prayed for wisdom for the incoming administration of Bola Tinubu, and advised it to further strengthen the capacity of the Armed Forces and other security agencies.
“It is important for the adversaries to be made to feel the full powers of the government, to know that they could be crushed with one blow.
“There is no country that is free of insecurity of whatever kind.
“What we however should focus on is what the Government put in place to deter those who have intention of terrorism and other crime, to desist because of the repercussions.
“Buhari has finished his two-term tenure, our prayers for him is for God to reciprocate to him the good things he has done for us and forgive his mistakes and shortcomings,” he added.
The general reminded Nigerians that they have an obligation to be just and fair to every citizen irrespective of religion, political class or other affiliation.
“We should be fair to the leaders by asking ourselves if they are really performing, we should not be selfish to grade them on what we expected to  benefit personally from them which never came to us.
“Those who will be at the helm of the country’s affairs at various levels should enlighten the people on their responsibilities to the government on every aspect.
“We should always be reminded and hold our leaders at every level accountable on their responsibilities; not every failure at the grassroots should be attributed to the Federal Government.
“People are quick in forgetting that they also voted Governors, Senators, House of Representatives members, Chairmen and Councilors. They should learn to hold them to account,” Galadanci added.
He also advised citizens to know that leaders were not expected to do whatever the people want, but rather do what is right for the populace.
“We should not rate the achievements of our leaders by what our hearts wanted, but by what they have done for the populace.


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