Fuel subsidy removal in Nigerians’ interest, to avoid collapse of economy — TSG

Tinubu Support Group (TSG), Like-Mind Initiative, says the removal of fuel subsidy was done in the interest of Nigeria to avoid total collapse of the nation’s economy.
Mr Augustine Esiekpe, the National Coordinator of the group said at a Dinner Organized to celebrate the inauguration of President Bola Tinubu in Abuja
He said immediately after the president announced that “fuel subsidy is gone’, there were queues at filling stations across the country, a development he said was unpatriotic.
“We notice some development after the fuel subsidy removal, this was done in the interest of Nigerians so we can enjoy the real dividends of democracy.”
He urged Nigerians to support the initiative, adding that though it was a hard one but Nigerians should be patient and look at the bigger picture and support it.
He said this was necessary in order to free Nigeria from the looming economic crisis, adding that the country had sunk trillion of naira into subsidising fuel which could have been used in
 other areas.
“We need to avoid the total collapse of the economy, we appeal to Nigerians to support Tinubu so that this subsidy that some have used to enriched themselves, Nigerians can now be free.
He said the poor Nigerians that the subsidy was meant for, do not enjoy it.
”A few Nigerians are profiting from it and enriching themselves at the expense of poor Nigerians,” he said
He said before the announcement on May 29, Tinubu had said it many times during campaign that subsidy would be removed, adding that Nigeria needed a honest and sincere leader like Tinubu to remove subsidy.
He enjoined the new administration to be focused, adding that Nigeria was blessed to have a President and Vice President that were both experienced in legislature.
“There is a new beginning that is about to happen, there will be prosperity and something we have not felt for a long time will happen in Nigeria.
“I want us to have hope that things will get better, Tinubu will not leave us in darkness, this is not going to be business as usual. the time Nigerians could be taking for granted are over.
“We need purposeful leader, we want to see progress, we want to see the University reform, agriculture, health and others reforms,” he said.
He urged the president to look into the cases of support group, who had been neglected severally, adding that “the president should critically look into it.
According to him, these are individual that have used their resources to support the president. they should be part of the government.
Mariah Olasheinde, Director, Media and Publicity. if the group called for a 50 per cent women representative in Tinubu’s administration
“We know Tinubu as a father and the bulk of his vote came from women
we want 50 per cent and not 35 we want to be in major areas.
She said women should come first in Tinubu’s cabinet,  “and we hope it will happen, the reward system should be fair to us as supporters.


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