‘Fayose becoming increasingly unstable, should limit his rantings, confusionist agenda to Ekiti’


It appears to us that Mr Ayodele Fayose is becoming increasingly unstable. He seems to have reached some deep bend. This erratic no-gooder came to Lagos yesterday blabbing his mouth like someone with more than a screw loose.
Like an ill-mannered , ill-born , uncouth outcast, Fayose dismissed all our elders and leading lights with the foulest of language and finally saying they should be retired.

Mr Fayose is well known for his primitive, gangster-like, dirty and dubious politics. He is a loose cannon, firing without tact and wisdom nor basic common sense.

But coming to Lagos from his native backwaters of Afao-Ekiti in a rough and tumble idiocy is taking insanity too far.

We are equally disappointed with some elders who sat through Fayose’s obscene display and vacuous diatribes without chastising him immediately.

Fayose should limit his rantings and confusionist agenda to Ekiti. He should not push his luck too far. We respect our Elders in Lagos. We even rever them. While we will not roll in the mud with Fayose, we will always show him that Lagosians have a way of engaging “Awọn ọmọ ti wọn ko bi re. “ Let the Afao rustic shut his traps lest we will deposit him into Yaba Left as his permanent home.

Fayose, Ẹtẹ ti de tan.

Lagos PDP Elders


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