Enugu International Trade Fair: ANAMMCO bounces back as Ezeudoko says ‘participation has been fruitful’


Anambra Motor Manufacturing Company (ANAMMCO), which over a decade stopped operation, has resumed operation and made its first public appearance at the on going 30th Enugu International Trade Fair .
Sales Manager of the company, Olalekan Sanyaolu, said that they had begun operations again having gotten partnership with a Chinese auto producer, Dongfeng Trucks.

Enugu International Trade Fair: ANAMMCO bounces back as Ezeudoko says 'participation has been fruitful'

According to him, “When we were looking for a technical partner, Dongfeng was looking for a partnership in Nigeria. From our own research on their vehicles, we saw that they met the standard.
“ANAMMCO has always been an assembling plant. We produce medium and heavy duty trucks. It took off in 1981”.
He added that the auto giant will assemble 7,500 units of truck annually.
“We have some companies that have been using these vehicles”, Sanyaolu said.
Meanwhile, a participant, Bathlomew Ezeudoko, has spoken on the importance of the fair.
Ezeudoko, of Sanqvur International Limited, a machinery company, coordinating group of machinery companies, said: “The participation has been fruitful.
Enugu International Trade Fair: ANAMMCO bounces back as Ezeudoko says 'participation has been fruitful'

“The purpose of trade fair is awareness creation in which you do not expect an instant patronage”.
The coordinator said their company, which existed since 1991, had been participating in the trade fair since 2013.
“Our experience is that it takes more than two years to maintain the contacts you made. Business may not take place immediately. Our business has to do with technology funding and other logistic arrangements which have to go together with the financial muscles of the investors.
“Some people may be looking at a project thinking that what they have may take care of the projects but would realise at long last that their financial muscles may not execute the project”, he explained.
Ezeudoka said they came for exhibition with the hope that one day, their business will thrive.
He declared their company is a multinational machinery company with many subsidiaries.
He also expressed optimism that Nigeria’s economy will improve “so that people would prosper”, advising the organisers of the fair to look backwards “discover their errors and put things right”.
To him, adequate infrastructure at the trade fair’s permanent site should be provided “to make the environment conducive and attract more exhibitors”.


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