Entertainment, health are interconnected, says Adelodun


For Adelodun Adeniyi Hakeem, the Chief Executive Officer of Omooba Global Herbal Fomular, the makers of Obaidan, clear vision (oju loba ara) entertainment and herbal are two Siamese twins that society can’t ignore
“Many people didn’t know that both goes for each other. There can’t be a versatile entertainment sector without proper care of the actors involved. For instance, we are trying to do something special and unique come December 31, 2020 at Dukdex which no other firm has been able to do. We are bringing in Nigerian entertainment personalities. We want to hide their names for now. But I can assure you it will be the first of its kind in Nigeria. There, our products will be officially launched even though it is on sale for now. Obaidan product is just one of our products, and it will be the gate pass for that day at Dukdex lounge”.


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