Emefiele and the hubris of the Transient, by Uthman Shodipe-Dosunmu


He speaks as if he owns tomorrow. He spouts in some self righteous mightiness of those with the mastery of earth and heaven.

There is no restraint about this man at all. None. No conscious humbling awareness that he is just an ephemeral errand, a dismissible agent in an instant, flung into the gutter when he is of no use.


Not him. Not this character swollen in hubristic largeness as he defies the national parliament and the wisdom path, mouthing and prattling in omniscient indifference, stubbornly perceiving himself in all knowing certitudes.

He doth lie. He has reached his cul de sac. But he doesn’t know it. Or he pretends not to know the end has come .

He is now limited by the necessary confines of fate. This flawed character is still marooned in the tenuous protection of the present, thinking that the privileges of today will be enlarged in some crude infinity .

It will never happen. A man without the basic rudiment of economic theory, wheedling and bowing before transient power to gain a favor ; mangling morality while he sits atop the apex bank and yet would want to contest for the highest office in the land !

What crass idiocy ? What madness of blinded power and distorted vision !

Truth be told: this man serves no one but the greed of ephemeral power and the delusion of a dubious infinite relevance in the calculations of a warped soul, believing that masquerading behind the gods of today will elongate his relevance.

Not true.

Never happened!

He has now earned for himself the necessary presence in infamy having thrown the nation askew with his warped inking of a new naira notes which is unavailable everywhere even including the recesses of the banking halls merely days to a crucial presidential election .

Surely something is rotten in Denmark !

How does this time-server convince anyone that he harbors no hidden agenda as the economy goes into a spiral of inflation , with darkness haunting the land, with man- hours halted and wasted in petrol queues, with anger flaring on the streets, with market women rejecting the old notes while the new one is not to be seen ?

The nation stirs and dangles dangerously on the precipice provoked by those whose ultimate agenda is to create a swelter of chaos that will make the election impossible and fling before us a manufactured force majeure.

But Nigerians are wiser. The sudden scarcity of fuel is no fluke. The emergency introduction of an ugly looking , blurred , newly inked naira notes with punitive imposition of limited withdrawal are conjured array of destabilizing insertions into the Nigerian polity borne upon some vindictive evil to sever the democratic path.

Again, we stand as sentry against the augurs of tyranny. We stand firm and steady against the crude conspirators of the hour who would mangle democracy to satisfy the ephemeral powers who deem themselves in infinite latitude.

Godwin Emefiele has become a crude partisan agent, an emblem of conspiratorial actors who is clearly unfit and unsuitable to lead our apex bank. The Department of State Security has leveled some grave allegations against him. He should make himself available to clear the air. The joint Houses of Parliament have summoned him to explain his voodoo fiscal theory . Here again he should respect the representatives of our people by submitting himself to legitimate scrutiny.

We assert that there is no nation on earth totally pivoted on cashless economics not even the United States. For virtual wiping out of paper cash is a direct road to a police state where the Big Brother monitors all basic rudiments of life. Surely our democracy must never recede to this darkness.

The truth be told: Mr Emefiele has reduced the Central Bank to a partisan arm of governance. He has ceded his neutrality by overtly canvassing to be president, even going to court to seek Validation.

We demand that Godwin Emefiele should be removed immediately as the Governor of Central Bank for his serial abuse of his constitutional mandate and he should submit himself forthwith to the DSS and various agents of the state to probe his activities. Hiding under sponsored cheerleaders to distract the grave issues at hand is insulting the Nigerian populace. It will not work . Emefiele is a Trojan horse with all the destructive concomitants. He should quietly go into the good night. The day of accounting has come.

Prince Uthman Shodipe-Dosunmu
The Patriots Roundtable


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