Daystar Church donates N10m to UNHCR


The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Nigeria is N10 million richer, courtesy of Daystar Christian Centre, Lagos.
The senior pastor of the church, Pastor Sam Adeyemi, on Tuesday, made the donation to the representative of UNHCR in Nigeria and Economic Community of West Africa State (ECOWAS), Mr. Antonio Jose Canhandula.
Pastor Adeyemi said “when people flee their homes, their needs become critical. This donation is a commitment towards restoring the resilience of families forced to flee across the continent; we are also helping the less privileged to come alive in our little way.
“In fulfilment of the church manadate in January 2002, we established a leadership school called Daystar Leadership Academy where leadership principles are taught to develop a new generation of leaders for Nigeria and the entire world.
“We believe Africa has the potential for development and leadership development is key to solving the problems of Africa Daystar growth has positive impacts on the society, through several community projects already executed and completed.
“Daystar has renovated five schools damaged by the 2001 bomb blast in Ikeja Military Cantonment, Distribution of free exercise books to public schools, donation of science equipment, chairs and desks to public school.
“We have also built laboratory, toilet facilities and school hall for Oregun Secondary School. Daystar empowers 560 young entrepreneurs, renovation of school for the deaf, sharing of food for both Christians and non-Christians during Christmas and Easter.
“At Daystar, we consider it a privilege to partner with UNHCR in solving problem of internally displaced people and significantly reducing the statistics of refuges in Nigeria”.
According to Canhandula, “The donation Daystar Church gave to the refugees would go a long way in alleviating their suffering”.
“At UNHCR, we are standing for refugees who are voiceless, they are unable to run away, they are only confined in a camp. In Niger State, we have 10,000 refugees, 112 in Cameroon and 12,000 in Chad, we also have people in Taraba and Cross River, majority of these people are those who suffered the consequence of war.
“I came here with a message of human solidarity, human solidarity does not look at colour, religion, race and tribe. We have thousands of refugees waiting for help.
“This donation will support people who were forced to flee their homes because of conflict, violence or persecution in Africa. This donation will be used to provide life-saving emergency assistance to families forced to flee their homes in Africa and the entire world.
“There are people who are sleeping on the leaves, they need blankets, shelter so as to keep them warm. Nobody believes that in this part of the world, people are suffering minor things.
“The second solidarity is the use of the pulpit to pass message of UNHCR to the public on the importance of giving”.
Mrs. Needa Mazaou, head of UNHCR’s private sector partnership thanked Daystar Church for the gesture.


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