Commotion erupts as male genitals allegedly vanish


Karu and environs in Abuja have been thrown  into uproar due to reports of male genitals disappearing mysteriously.

In the past three weeks, more than 10 people in the communities reportedly lost their organs to some suspected ritualists yet to be apprehended.

Some of the victims, Habib, Sanyoalu and Ibrahim, whose surnames were with held, had alleged that they had contact with an unknown man, and suddenly their genitals shrunk.

According to them, it was so sudden and they stopped feeling their reproductive organs.

A visit to Karu Police station reveals that the situation is not different as some victims also alleged that their organs were missing after a handshake with a stranger.

The victims said the suspects were beaten and seriously injured before intervention of the police.

The victims said the suspect approached them at different minutes, asking for direction.

According to them, as soon as the suspects left them, they discovered their organ shrunk and they could no longer feel it.

Meanwhile, the DPO, Ogungbemi Igbekele, took the victims in company of other policemen to the Nyanya General Hospital, to check their organs and ascertain the allegation.

Igbekele said the case was not established, since it had not been proved medically, adding that he would make sure that justice prevailed if the cases were true.

However, after thorough examination of the victims at the hospital, it was revealed by the doctors that the victims reproductive organs were intact and perfect, even though the victims said otherwise.

The suspect, whose name was also not mentioned, was in bad shape after being battered, received medical treatment before returning to the station.


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