Big Brother Naija: Condemnation trails jury’s style of eviction


Viewers of the Big Brother Naija reality show, ‘All Stars’ edition, have condemned the jury’s style of eviction, saying it does not reflect viewers’ choices.

The viewers expressed their dissatisfaction on the X social media platform, formerly Twitter, calling out the organisers to explain why the voting system was not utilised in the ‘All Stars’ edition.

Eviction on the show in previous editions was usually through voting by viewers after housemates had gone to the Diary Room to nominate a housemate for possible eviction.

Eviction in this year’s edition is, however,  different as a jury comprising three former housemates are invited to deliberate and choose the housemate to be saved or evicted.

The first eviction of the show which had Bisola, Dorathy and Mike in the jury, saw Princess exiting the show after the voting polls revealed that Seyi had the lowest votes.

The second eviction had Laycon, Teddy A and Diane on the jury. Uriel was eventually evicted, while the polls again revealed that Seyi would have been evicted if the organisers utilised the polls as he had the lowest votes.

While some viewers completely frowned against the jury’s style of eviction, some accused the jury of  bias with their decisions.

@ixora_flourish said, “Uriel’s eviction will probably be the only BBN eviction that hit this hard.

“I mean what is Seyi still doing there? It’s not fair people vote for their fav, at the end of the day people who probably don’t even watch the show make the final decision.”

@JulyCrush_ wrote, “This eviction is the most annoying of them all, this is pure wicked(sic)…I mean is not giving. For the second time they have saved seyi and sent Uriel home … what is the point in voting….??”

@thebrandOma also accused the jury of not watching the show based on their decisions so far.

“This eviction jury should never be for an All-Star season. Let it be based off social experiment, let their fans vote and let’s see who is still a star and not someone who doesn’t watch the show coming to decide who to throw out. This method should be for 100L bbn,” he said.

@iamjennabby, with the hashtag #letourvotescount, said “This is the most fixed up eviction process in the history of BBN because how can someone who has had the lowest votes for two eviction Sundays still be in the house all in the name of Jury?

“So, why are we voting? Let this Jury thing end please.”

Joachim Okhai also condemned the BBN jury’s  eviction process, adding that it was susceptible to other variables including tribalism.

“BBN should scrap the jury aspect of the eviction process. This is damaging the brand and the reputation of BBN,” he said.

@LObserver said “I blame BBN not the jury, this life, dey for who dey for you, seyi is cordial with housemates in and out, if its by normal nomination he wont be up for eviction, he’s also the only person that has been put up twice in the house, lucky guy.”

Uriel had earlier told  Big Brother during her diary session that she was not ready to be evicted as she would reject the eviction.

In her words, she said, “I pray it’s not me because you’ll be needing 25 ninjas to carry me out.

“I will not go. I’ll be the first housemate in BBN history to reject eviction. Not my portion.”


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