Basorun of Oyo: Agunloye family, not Alaafin Atiba, is next ruling house for Alaafin stool


It has come to the notice of the Oyo Traditional Council (Oyo Mesi) a purported press conference organised by the so-called eleven families of Atiba Alaafin, in which they called for the cancellation of the on going interview for shortlisted aspirants to the Alaafin stool.

The press conference addressed by one Prince Afolabi Adeshina (from Adeitan family) on behalf of other 10 families was not only laughable but neither here nor there .

Reacting to the Press Conference, the Basorun of Oyo and Head of the Oyo Mesi, High Chief Yussuf Akinade Ayoola Layinka 1, said the issue raised by Prince Adeshina was between the Alaafin Atiba and the Oyo State Government, which has nothing to do with the Oyo Mesi, let alone stop them from going ahead with their on going interview for the shortlisted aspirants.

“The Head of Royal Families, Baba Iyaji, in conjunction with the Mogaji Agunloye Royal Family, Pa Prince Adeladan, had confirmed the ruling house for the next Alaafin stool to be the Agunloye family.

“Interested aspirants who are authentic members of the family had collected expression of interest forms and their names submitted to the Head of Oyo Mesi, High Chief Yussuf Akinade Ayoola Layinka 1 for the next step , which is the interview and in line with the due process.

“So, why is Prince Adeshina crying wolf where there should be none, and keep misleading the unsuspecting members of the public? What is the justification for Prince Adeshina to seek for the cancellation of the ongoing interview, when in actual fact, the Alaafin Atiba family is not entitled to occupy the seat of the next Paramount Ruler?”.

The Basorun also stated unequivocably that members of the Oyo Mesi will not stop the ongoing interview but see to its logical conclusion.

He urged aspirants to the stool who have not done their interviews to stick to their scheduled date and appear without hesitation .

The Basorun of Oyo also enjoined members of the public to shun the misleading press conference and refrain from untoward acts that can ignite trouble in the town.


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