Angry Indian bride marries guest after groom has seizure


Two wedding guests were briefly detained in Northern India, police said Wednesday, after the bride reportedly rejected her groom who had a seizure in favour of another guest.
During one of the preliminary ceremonies of the Hindu wedding – the exchange of garlands – Jugal Kishore, 25, had an epileptic fit.
Reports said he fell to the floor at the wedding venue in the northern Indian town of Rampur, the Times of India newspaper reported.
Indira, the 23-year-old bride, apparently angered that she did not know about Kishore’s condition, said she would instead marry a relative of her brother-in-law who was a guest at the wedding.
The guest agreed and the garlanding ceremony continued.
Reports said the marriage rituals were then completed, including a key section which involved the couple walking round a holy fire seven times, according to the report late Tuesday.
Kishore, who had been taken to a doctor, came back to find he no longer had a bride.
The disagreement which followed reportedly turned violent, and police were called.
A complaint was filed with the local police but was later withdrawn after elders of both families intervened, the newspaper reported, quoting local police official RP Solanki.
“Both families have amicably resolved the matter,’’ Solanki said.


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