Amaechi: Jang is undemocratic if he doesn’t accept me as NGF chair


rotimi_amaechi2A MONTH after the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) election in which he defeated Governor Jonah Jang of Plateau State, Governor Rotimi Amaechi, on Wednesday, said that if Jang does not recognise him as the chairman of the forum, then he is not democratic.

Speaking with State House correspondents during a dinner organised by President Goodluck Jonathan, Amaechi said he was yet to be told why he was suspended by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Asked if the NGF crisis had been resolved, he said: “Was NGF sick? I don’t know about factions. We are holding NGF meeting and we agreed that those of us who were there should honour the President and attend the dinner, we have attended, you saw all of them, some have left and I am leaving too”.

On why Jang didn’t attend the meeting he called, he simply replied: “He was invited. What is my business if he is not there? 16 to 19. Are you not Nigerians? 16 governors voted for him, 19 governors voted for me. If he does not accept the 19, he is undemocratic. Anybody who supports him, including television houses, are also undemocratic. I have said it in a statement that if at any point in time we cannot uphold what 19 governors said, then we should be afraid of 2015.

“If the PDP is suspending me for that reason, too bad. We must learn to be democratic. I am not aware that the party has given any reason for suspending me. If that is the reason, too bad. The party is yet to give any reason for my suspension. I am not aware that the party suspended me for winning an election. Those with me are in majority”.


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