Alumni seeks financial support for UCH-Hostel project


The Ibadan College of Medicine Alumni Association (ICOMAA), North American Chapter, U.S, is seeking financial support from its members toward the completion of the University College Hospital Hostel project.

Its President, Dr Abraham Ariyo, made the call for monetary donation in a statement marking his New Year message to members of the association on Friday.

Ariyo, an Interventional Cardiologist in Dallas, Texas, called on all alumni of the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan (CoMUI), to contribute to building a new student’s hostel, being spearheaded by ICOMAA Worldwide.

He said, “Our membership remains strong and contributions to our Endowment Funds remain steady.”

Ariyo, a CoMUI MBBS graduating class of 1988, said that the association was a non-profit tax-exempt organization that seeks funding from all alumni and friends.

According to him, ICOMAA is also seeking funds from corporations and foundations for scholarships, endowments, and capital improvement projects.

“Although, we had launched the Hostel Fund before the meeting, the Class of 1989 surprised everyone with a laudable cheque of 30,000 dollars to jumpstart this long-term Hostel fundraising effort.

“This is a symbol of their undeniable gesture of solidarity and foresight.

“At the time, it was the single most significant contribution. That single leading cheque set the funds on ‘fire’.

“We later witnessed an avalanche of interest, including each class donating large amounts of money and a single donation from the Chief Executive Officer of Montefiore in New York of an excellent one million dollars.

“Although, we have seen a lot of activities on this Hostel Fund, we still have a long way to go,” he said.

Ariyo said that from his assessment, the association is still under the 30 per cent range of the total amount budgeted for the construction of the hostel.

“To ensure transparency, our Provost has unveiled the inauguration of the UCH-Hostel Fund Committee; they are familiar faces of trustworthy colleagues and our teachers on the committee.

“So, this is to ensure that everyone is satisfied that ‘All your contributions’ will go toward the construction of this much-needed, accreditation-required U.C.H Student Hostel.

“I tried to convince my classmates abroad to donate at least 2,500 dollars and encourage a start of at least a million Naira.

“I want to thank every member. and I appreciate those that have given and we encourage more contributions,” the Interventional Cardiologist said.


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