1 dead, 30 injured after passenger train derails in Netherlands


At least one person has been killed after a passenger train derailed in the Netherlands early on Tuesday.

About 30 people were injured, some of them seriously, a spokesperson for the security forces said.

Nineteen people were taken to hospital, she said.

No information was given about their condition.

On Tuesday, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima said on social media that their thoughts were with the victims and their families.

“Many are now in fear and uncertainty. We feel very much with them all.’’

Prime Minister Mark Rutte spoke of a “terrible train accident.’’

“My thoughts are with the relatives and with all the victims. I wish them much strength,’’ Rutte wrote on Twitter.

At around 3:25 a.m. (0125 GMT), an Intercity and a goods train collided with a construction crane near Voorschoten about 15 kilometers from The Hague.

The report was according to the rail company spokesman.

The rail operator said that about 50 to 60 passengers were on the night train on its way from Amsterdam to The Hague when the accident occurred.

The operator of the rail network Prorail could not say anything about the cause at first.

According to eyewitnesses, the Intercity careened into a meadow and at least two carriages were overturned.

The goods train was also said to have derailed.

Most of the passengers were able to leave the train themselves.

“There was a heavy thud, windows shattered,’’ one passenger reported.

The carriage in which the student was sitting tilted.

He was able to free himself quickly.

Some passengers were also picked up by residents, eyewitnesses reported.

The emergency services were quickly at the accident scene, where chaos prevailed, according to reporters there.

The route from Amsterdam to The Hague is very busy.

Traffic between Leiden and The Hague was shut down after the accident.


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