Titi Atiku Abubakar’s visit: ‘Alaafin did not say PDP is dead’


National security is not only threatened by political exclusion,
economic marginalisation and social discrimination, but also by ineffective, inappropriate language use.
 Language, to a great extent, makes human existence worthwhile or chaotic.
While ineffective, inappropriate language use, especially in the
social media, is a major cause of conflict or insecurity.
So, there is need for correctness, a situation where users of language
should put into consideration the relationship between the words they
choose to use in different contexts and their meanings.
According to a renowned linguist, Fromkin ,“the possession of
language, perhaps more than any other attribute, distinguishes humans
from other animals. To understand our humanity, one must understand
the nature of language that makes us human”.
It is however unfortunate to note inflammatory, absurd and vulgar
write ups and comments on social media by some misguided elements
against the ancient palace of Oyo.
 The stocks in trade of these disgruntled elements are to fan embers
of discord, disaffection, acrimony and crises.
 Unless and until this category of uninformed elites and their allies
are made to know that they have had enough of their mischief making,
disgusting comments and fabrications in the social media, and that it
must be stopped, they will continue with their subversive acts that
will only end up causing disaffection and needlessly heating up the
However, the attention of the general public has been drawn to a
misleading, untrue and mischievous report circulating in the social
media concerning the visit of wife of the Peoples Democratic Party
Presidential Candidate, Titi Abubakar to the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba [Dr.]
Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi 111.
A statement made available by the Chief Press Officer to the Alaafin, Bode Durojaiye, said Titi Abubakar, who did not sneak into the palace but was warmly received like other politicians and candidates, was in the palace to solicit the paramount ruler’s support for her husband’s
ambition to become the President of the country.
It stated that the royal father in his response neither said that
‘’PDP is dead nor he is being called Baba APC in the palace’’.
What Alaafin said was that he is father to all contesting candidates,
irrespective of party affiliations and that like other candidates,
including the Presidential Candidate of All Progressives Grand
Alliance [APGA], and Oyo State Governorship Candidate for African
Democratic Congress [ADC], Olufemi Lanlehin, he urged Atiku’s wife to
go to the people who are the political sovereigns and campaign to them
what her husband has in stock.
 Oba Adeyemi used the occasion to advise politicians to avoid trouble,
controversies, scandals, by
fulfilling their promises to the electorates, and dedicatedly serve
the people that voted them into various political offices.
 This, he said, is because as politicians are very important
facilitators of national development, they are also the pivot around
which socio-economic and political activities often revolve.
According to him, ‘’the reputation of a politician is the barometer
which members of his constituency use in knowing how bad or good he or
she  is performing. Earning a good reputation is not by throwing money
around, but it is a function of good conduct’’.
His Imperial Majesty has not and will never castigate any political
party or candidate, but will rather be truthful and objective in his
address whenever any of the contestants pay him a courtesy visit.


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